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                                                                                                                      Your Premier IT Field Service Provider

          The Phoinix Group provides Nation-Wide Technology services

 We're Managed IT Support Service Professionals

Full Installations & On Site Service

We're Committed Professionals: Single site or a Roll Out across the US & Canada.

In this increasingly challenging environment, many companies are struggling to not only find and hire the right talent, but also to meet the administrative requirements of their organizations.   Phoinix has developed a solution for these kinds of situations called Team Phoinix Management (TPM).®

TPM ® involves applying expertise in the following areas:

  • The development of a complete (SOW) Scope of Work.
  • Scheduling convenient appointment times for Installation & Service Calls.
  • Issue status & completion reports for each site with photographs.
  • Quality Control will then call your client after completion to gauge their level of approval.
  • Any parts missing will be provided from the field, eliminating you shipping a missed item.
  • Assignment - Status Update - Call Date and Completion Reports issued on the net.

Team Phoinix offers our channel partners many potential benefits including reducing costs, improving client retention, and enabling your company's management to focus on their core competencies.

Phoinix is capable of managing as many sites as you require and will issue daily status reports on all sites.

When you need any of the following services, keep in mind that we call on your behalf.

There are no egos here.  When we telephone an office to schedule a visit; the script is something like this

"Hello, This is Jackie from (Your Company Name) calling to schedule a convenient time for our service technician to visit." 

The Phoinix Group is recognized as one of the top IT field service providers in North America. We give you full access to a nation-wide team of technology services and the Field Technicians who will implement your requirements, install your POS, Network and Display devices.